How We Add Value

R&R Investments provides the following expertise.

  • Provide Financial Capital – This is our raison d’etre as an equity investment firm.  A partnership with R&R Investments can support internal growth and opportunistic acquisitions.
  • Leverage Networking – We leverage our extensive contacts in targeted industries, and resource these relationships to help portfolio companies build value.
  • Develop Strategy – Our extensive experience in developing business strategies and solving operational issues (including process and performance improvements) can serve as a long-term value proposition for our portfolio companies.
  • Assist in Technology Direction – While we have substantial in-house technology acumen, we can provide access to a significant number of technology leaders.
  • Support Talent Acquisition (as needed) – Sometimes new markets and high growth can present some challenges in acquiring additional management talent; in such cases, we can help.
  • Provide funding without operational interference – We leave the day-to-day management to the partner firm.